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Today's Devotion

May 27, 2024

Reflecting on the Names and Nature of God

The Father: His Name is Father

I have come in My Father's name,
and you do not receive Me;
if another comes in his own name,
him you will receive. 

John 5:43

His Name is Father; this means that “Father” is more than a title. Men on earth are called by the title “Father” because that is their relationship to their children. But throughout eternity past, the First Person of the Trinity was known by His name Father.  He was called Father by His Son, Jesus Christ. Why is Father His name? The title reflects the intimacy of relationship He had with Jesus and He can have with you. The most important aspect of God is not His awesome power or His omniscient knowledge; the most important characteristic of God is His relationship with people; He is Father.  

I worship You as My God because of Your almighty power. I magnify You as my LORD because of all You’ve done for me. I follow You as my Master because of Your wisdom and miracles. But I know You intimately because You are my Father.

People did not pray to God in the Old Testament using the name Father, so Jesus came to teach them to pray, “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be Your name” (Matthew 6:9). As a child goes to an earthly father with his needs, so you can take your requests and call Him by name.

My heavenly Father, hallowed be Your name in my thoughts, actions, and service. I love Your name, Father. It cheers me when I am down. It gives me strength to serve when I am weak. It guards me against evil when I’m tempted. Because I know You by Your name, I come calling You Father. Amen.

Go Deeper:  John 12:27-50

Call Him by His name Father.

Tomorrow...Jesus: A Prophet Mighty in Deed and Word